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by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Green Weddings are making their way into the REAL world for REAL people and if there is one thing certain, they capture the real essence of wedded bliss – extending beyond the happy couple and their guests. So, I especially loved this post by J. and N. over at Not only did they green the whole affair with self-crafted decorations, no disposables and a lovely pre-worn dress from ebay (with a simple pair of flip flops underneath), but after all was said and done, the dress will be passed on again and the leftover decorating materials were FreeCycled. I loved hearing about the other green wedding ideas and seeing the photos. I plan to follow this light-hearted and wholehearted couple as they celebrate more green life.

We have monthly Really Free Markets in Carrboro, but I’d almost forgotten about online Freecycling. I’ve make great use of thrift stores for my unwanted stuff, but there are plenty of small, somewhat used things – from old hobbies or abandoned projects – that I stockpile since even the goodwill is not interested in salvaging. N. listed her half-used paints, markers and other craft materials on and they were readily claimed by a fellow crafter in her community. How cool is that?

At least 4,662 groups at FreeCycle exists globally, with 6,326,000 members and growing. Each group is moderated by a local volunteer and the website gives a lot of detail about freecycling procedure and etiquette. With a mission of reusing good stuff, reducing waste, saving resources and building community,

You know that “clean sweep” I did with my cd collection on New Year’s Day? Well, I’m ready to take another look through the house and see what can be put to good use elsewhere. FreeCycle is gifting bliss!

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  1. Sami Grover Says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Freecycle TAO. We had an active group back in “the old country”, and it’s really amazing what you’d find on there – bikes, computers, cars – yes, working cars that folks didn’t want or use, but were just that little bit too far gone to be worth selling. I once persuaded my employer to get rid of a functioning office photocopier via freecycle – that thing was probably worth well over $500, and would have ended up in the dump. I believe it went to a local recycling charity too…

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