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by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I’m thrilled to be once again hosting TreeHugger’s Carnival of The Green, a green web party of sorts, celebrating some of the many bloggers talking, living and writing about their passions in sustainable living. To find out more about the carnival or hosting, visit this link at

Last week’s carnival was hosted by Philip Booth of Philip works in the mental health field, believes we need more “Nature Playgrounds”, and is a district councillor over 3 counties in the UK. He is passionate about many things, including social justice and how we care for the planet. I find his site inspirational.

Some of us start the new year taking a fresh look at just how we piece together our livelihoods. The bigger picture of investment and personal finance can be an intimidating one since capitalism on the green front requires some bigger views of the future. Fortunately, there’s help out there for those of us wondering what is the what when it comes to sustainable investing., a site outlining responsible personal finance, is dedicated to helping us see the forest AND the trees. Check out this post deciphering the systems of Socially Responsible Finance.

I’ve been weaning myself from unnecessary auto addiction over the years and was excited to discover, where Aaron and Sebastian follow “the Pulse of the Electric Vehicle industry”. This post rated the top scooters available this year in the U.S. by design, capability and innovation standards – and they’re talking real commuters here, not “glorified toys”. Scoot-curious myself, I’m going to bookmark this page.

Recycle Cindy over at opened my eyes to the world of green crafting and, more specifically, the possibilities of crocheting with “Plarn”. Many of her products and ideas are made from this yarn-like material made exclusively from plastic shopping bags (about 80 to a roll) but they look and function like designer goods! She shares really simple instructions on how to make plarn as well as all of her many other designs which include denimn crafts, doll clothes, kitchen supplies and more.

The sister blogging team of Sally and Sadie Kneidel at keep us up to date on news and their experiences in sustainablity. And, they’ve written another book this year:  Going Green – A Wise Consumer’s Guide to a Shrinking Planet. Their carnival post for today shares some shocking statistics about the shrinking fish populations in oceans and rivers – 40% of species in North American are currently in peril – a number which has doubled in just the past 20 years. If you eat or want to continue eating fish, be sure to read this post and also go to the Fish Selector to find out your best eco-choices. reminds us to send your expired greeting cards to St. Jude’s Ranch, a haven for neglected and abused children. They have a program were the kids reuse the artwork on the cards to make new cards for sale for next year. Find out where and how this works on her site. Laurel and Kate bring lots of green thinking to our home and lives through this site.

Lynn from talks about how most  bloggers agonize over posts, debate  how often to ask for a Stumble, and analyze web traffic more often than they care to admit. All that time adds up, and she cautions bloggers not to forget the “real world” outside their doors. A great read for all web-linked people!

A money and personal finance blog, sends out some good messages about “economizing” your life, pointing out how, as the economy slides downwards, behavioral trends are also shifting as people are making the necessary adjustments to the new financial realities they face. As certain economic realities begin to dawn upon most of us and we start feeling the pinch of higher prices, lower investment returns and a slowdown in the job market, we’re finally taking stock of our financial situations and actually making some concrete changes.

A nice follow-up to the above is a post at who tells us that Frugality is back in Fashion, offering basic money tips for the economic recession and a whole lot more.

Though some readers found keeping the heat off/down to save energy and money extreme, I loved the post over at I don’t think that the heat needs to be off in Winter – impossible, of course, in many climates – but being frugal about your setting is not as hard as you think. I, too, wear comfy silk long johns under my clothes in Winter, keep two pairs of socks and warm slippers on my feet while at home and like a small down quilt over my lap while doing quiet home activities like reading. If I’m moving about cleaning or doing laundry or cooking, body heat does the trick, even at a setting below 60. I recommend experimenting and remember that every degree counts when it comes to the planet.

I probably fall close to the category of extreme green-geeks who count every detail of green-living, but I also try hard not to lose balance in my own life as well as faith in even the most simple efforts by others. The post at shares some nice commentary about the perfectionist in some of us.

Last but not least, Homesteader Belle is giving away some quick change cloth menstrual cloths. Get in on the gifting here. (Don’t forget to check out the Diva Cup, too.)

Next week’s Carnival of the Green will be hosted by, a site written by a real-life mom, who explores ways to entertain and excite teensy green beings (kids) without all those plastics and gadgets.


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  1. David Says:

    Great carnival, thanks for hosting and including me!

  2. The Digerati Life Says:

    Thank you for hosting! Great carnival and I so appreciate being part of it!

  3. The Smarter Wallet Says:

    Thank you for including my post in your wonderful carnival!

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