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Tao Oliveto, Asheville, NC

I’m in Asheville this morning, preparing for a spiritual journey inside a Sweat Lodge. I’m hoping that I can dig deep into my physical and mental strength to stand the heat and face what shows up. My intention is set for healing for the world, hope for the future, peace and clarity of mind and body. Peace and love, Tao

Winter Solstice:

“The union of opposites. Fullness: emptying. Emptiness: filling.
The shortest day meets the longest night. Celebrate the dark. Greet the light.
A sacred link, where Earth’s veil thins, the unseen, seen. Images of ancestors and ancient roots threading back beyond time. Back to first humans, their fires still burning to call back the light. We are the ones who hold them sacred. We honor their struggles, their triumphs. We’re here due to them. They gave us our blood.”

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  1. Don Tucker Says:


    Thank you for sharing this. Opened my eyes to getting past the idea that this is just any other night. I checked out the Huffington Post blog and really was enlightened to something special and new.



  2. Dr. Judith Rich Says:


    Thank you for linking to my HuffPo blog on Winter Solstice and sharing it here with your readers.

    Happy Solstice! May peace be with you,


  3. tao Says:

    THank YOU, Judith, for sharing so many messages about this awe-some event… and Don, for being open to the new.
    Isn’t it always about helping each other stay open in heart and mind.
    In fact, the Sweat experience was the most intensely opening experience I’ve yet had – more than I expected on every level and more difficult, too – like rebirthing always is. More later. Happy Solstice Sunday to all!

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