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“We can’t drill our way out of this mess.” – From Robert Redford, actor, director, environmentalist and a trustee of NRDC (National Resources Defense Council):

Excerpt: “We know how to solve our energy problems and to fight global warming — all we lack is honest, bold leadership. We had better find that leadership quickly, and not just for the sake of bringing down energy prices, but because it’s essential to keep our whole economy competitive in a world rapidly moving beyond the dirty fuels of the past. The first step is making a real investment in energy efficiency. We can choose a better future, but we’ve got to do it quickly, and each of us must play a part.”

No, we can’t drill our way out, but we can Change our way out of a lifestyle and luxuries that got us here in the first place. We can open our minds, eyes and hearts into a more meaningful and more simple life. But, we’ve got to jump off the cliff – even if you can’t swim. Tao

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