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by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

One of the many benefits of living a more sustainable (simple) life, is that, you suddenly have more opportunities to exercise and share your creative side. Our household winds down in the evenings by hooping, drumming, walking, and/or having lengthy conversations on the back porch. Then last night, Jerry announced that we were going to have a “poetry throw”, meaning – by his definition – that we were to simply “throw our thoughts out there”. He ceremoniously put three pieces of paper and three pencils on the table and lit a candle to set the mood.

Here’s what we threw up, er, I mean, out:

When the bus goes by, I always imagine myself on it – or in front of it – depending on my mood and what I ate that morning. Sometimes I think I see your face in the window and wonder where you’re going now and how long it will take you to get there. Then there’s that sighing sound the bus makes as it passes, which reminds me of everything I’ve done without you, but somehow, you were there anyway, watching from the window of a bus.


If the fat dude in the SUV is god, then I’m satan and I’m fine with that because I am right and fat SUV guy is wrong, which makes satan spot on and he has my full support. In fact, I am satan so I challenge god to a fight – after all, SUV guy is a fat slob who smokes and I’m lean and ride my bike so god’s ass is mine. Let’s get it on you larded over ungoddish god, I say, then I throw in something about his mother because that always makes god mad and he comes after me after that one and it turns out that lard has weight and weight can be used to great advantage and next thing I know, I’m dizzy and spitting blood and god’s tail lights are driving away. I yell, “Damn you, I say!”, but my mouth is swollen and bleeding and it comes out “To Thee I pwaay!”

And from the resident 13yo…

Reality’s in a cage, we are all next door. Not me, though, I’m above you. I’m below you. I’m to your left and to your right. No, I am left and right. I am you, every fiber of you. I’m your head, shoulders, knees and toes and mind and soul. If you want, you can be me – we can trade places. But reality’s still in that cage and we’re next door.

Needless to say, we laughed a lot and I had some interesting dreams that night.

What do you do when evening falls?

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