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High Way on the Highway

My good, car-free friend (whom you’ve heard from occasionally on this blog), is continuing his work in Nutrition with a new job in Colorado. He is traveling with his longtime friend and roommate this week but plans to stay car-free once he arrives in Glenwood Springs. I received this from him yesterday and wanted to share his tried and true tips for more sustainable travel – even across the country. Here he is, Greg Gillette ~

As Connie and I depart for Glenwood Springs, Colorado, we are doing our part in smart, low impact travel.

Besides the diesel fuel that the moving truck will burn, we will be eating from our cooler, which is filled with local raw milk, local eggs, local peaches, local cheese and local bread. The avocados are not local, nor the plums, but they are organic. The only stops will be for fuel, bathroom and stretching breaks.

We have arranged to stay with friends in Clinton, AR, Lawrence, KS and Breckinridge, CO. Not only will we save money, but we will be staying with friends who share the type of lifestyle that we live. Plus, they can show us the cool hip eco-conscious parts of their towns.

Once we arrive in Glenwood Springs, we will be staying in the Glenwood Hostel for several days as we look for a place to rent.

Glenwood Springs boasts many commuter bike lanes, including a bike/pedestrian trail that goes all the way to Aspen, which is 40 miles south of Glenwood Springs. There are also several hiking trails that start from the town and go into the mountains.

The local bus service within Glenwood Springs is free and service is also available to Aspen and other towns and to the local ski resort, which is 15 miles from town. I plan on continuing to live free, without my own car.

We have already found a local source for raw milk, eggs, cheese, and cream and there is a local farmer’s market in town.

More to come from Glenwood Springs as we settle in to our new abode.

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  1. jeannie Says:

    Also, you can bike or ride the bus to Aspen, then hike to Conundrum hot springs (natural & free) camp there, or you could continue your hike to Crested Butte and back! No auto needed to recreate round these parts.

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