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Tao says: I had to let you know about this next note that just arrived regarding the deer story — (if you have not seen the first two pieces, just scroll down). Keep in mind that the rescuers knew nothing of my blog, my initials, or my nickname….read below!

From Kindra at NC Claws:

Thank you so much Tracey,
This is so odd, and I’m really not just saying this, but we named her Tao! Every one of our babies gets named. I’m superstitious about this, if they have names, they can’t die!  Or rather, if they don’t, they will.  If they know we cared enough to put thought into giving them JUST the right name, then they will have hope.
I just got back from seeing her.  She’s drinking and walking.  Unsteadily, but walking. She crossed the whole pen twice while I was there.
I do very much believe that warm thoughts help those who have lost hope to cling to hope and survive.  I have a network of people that I call and email if we have one who is losing their battle and I feel has the will to live.  I’ve seen the power of positive thought work too many times to not believe in it.  The weasel we have here now would not be here if it weren’t JUST for that.
We are maybe getting a new permanent groundhog in soon.  If and when we do, I will tell you her story!
I have to run, we have a program at the planetarium most of the day today.  And I’m all alone, so this is going to be a tough one!
Again, thank you for caring so much for this girl.  Please keep her in your thoughts, she’s not out of the woods, she still needs all the help she can get!

Thank you,
Kindra D. Mammone
Executive Director, CLAWS, Inc.
Donations needed.  We are a non profit organization funded solely by donations.  Please help.  All funds go directly to the animals.

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  1. Tracy Kondracki Says:

    Wow, sometimes signs are subtle and they are missed, not this time.

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