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Rainbows and Sparkling Bugs

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Day two of a head cold has left me a little spacey. I was going to write about the hybrid converter, recently available to turn current hybrids into plug-ins…but, I’m not lucid enough to do the research, so I’ll instead give in to my impulse to be dreamily respective instead of informative. My apologies!

Besides, I haven’t quite let go of the experiences in VT – how it felt to swim in the cool river, hike near a mountain in a long warm rain, see so much history in one place, and meet new people who are making change happen. Some of it was just out there, but much of it was simply in the details. Sometimes, just paying attention is what matters most.

On Monday evening, when I stepped out of the airport, there was a rainbow stretched across the sky and that seemed a significant ending to the trip. But the bliss wasn’t over yet…

In fact, I arrived home just after dark, grateful for a giddy greeting from the dogs, whom I immediately took walking in the woods behind the house. Suddenly, we were surrounded by fireflies blinking a strangely blue, sparkling light. There seemed to be hundreds. We stopped and basked in this glow for long, sumptuous moments and in it, I heard hope for the future.

Animals and Nature speak to us every day in many ways. Stop, look and listen to the magic. You never know what you may hear..

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  1. Chelsea Bay Wills Says:

    wow- this gives me the chills! i love those little moments of magic being in the present- like a gift. maybe thats why we call it the present:)

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