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More Gardens, More Community

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I met Lisa Frangipane today, resident/owner at The Flats in Carrboro, and founder of the Todd Street Community Garden. A smaller version of the flourishing spot nearby, which has already seen two bountiful harvests, this happy veggie garden is also lovingly cared for by residents and rain barrels.

Whenever I meet someone who is doing something unusual and interesting, it seems like they are doing even more interesting and unusual things. This holds true for Lisa, a teacher and avid cyclist who also commutes on her beloved two-wheels. I met with Lisa and took these photos just before she left for a Summer in MA, where she will be living off-grid with friends and building a yoga studio.

Lisa was inspired to blog about this adventure. You can catch up with her at Wicked Mad NE

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2 Responses to “More Gardens, More Community”

  1. Chelsea Bay Wills Says:

    no way- is that a door to enter the gardens? i love it!!
    We have a cool community gardens going here in TC as well. (acually right on the land where i live at the old state insane hospital!). ive never had my own garden yet, as i have been living in cities and moving too much. but I think by next summer, ill dig in- cause i am HOME!

  2. Dade Says:

    Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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