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Recycled, mold-proof shower curtains – NO PVC

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

The curtain I wrote about last week, has arrived from Health Goods. I was first pleased that it was sent in minimal packaging, with NO promotional materials included. The good news just kept on coming when I read the cover sheet (which was printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink):

100% RECYCLED polyester fabric

Water-repellent and anti-microbial

Fabric and product made in USA

Requires no shower rod hooks – buttons made from sustainable├é┬á Tagua nuts

Each full size curtain saves 130,000 BTU’s of energy

It comes in 3 sizes, so I was able to get one for my stall shower without all the extra material. I’ve used it a few times now and it truly is water-repellent and has no smell whatsoever. I’ve been fighting mold on my hemp/cotton curtains for so long, that this is a thrill for me. This curtain will never need to be replaced – it’s heavyweight and obviously durable – what a happy thought!

To order or for more info., go here. Pass it on to your showering friends!

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3 Responses to “Recycled, mold-proof shower curtains – NO PVC”

  1. tommyfusco Says:

    i have been ordering a ton of stuff online, a lot of hemp clothing, and products and some of the overuse of packaging materials is driving me mad.
    i let em know tho.

  2. tao Says:

    Good Going on the phone call, Tommy! If we all took time to let businesses know what we, as consumers, WANT, it can make a difference.

    When it comes to shipping procedures, I’ve been frustrated ordering online, too. In fact, I was raving on this blog about REAL GOODS and made an order of CFLs and some other great green stuff, but then it proceeded to arrive in many separate boxes – because of back-orders, I was told. I asked if they could hold everything until back-orders came in, but it ends up they are too big and computerized to do logical things like that – how sad. Like you, I made another call and went through a couple levels of management to let them know how much this mattered to me.

  3. Yoga Pants Says:

    This is the way things should be, get off what we are on now

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