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Grid-Free and Off the Beaten Path

by Jeannie Newell, Crested Butte, CO

Sooooo sorry I missed posting on Sunday — I guess part of ‘off the grid adventuring’ is that you really have to plan for things, because internet access is not as easy to come by when you live in the woods. Here’s what happened yesterday in my new town:

Sunday was the 4th annual Bridges of the Butte tour.  It’s a 24 hour all ages non-stop bike ride that people take in teams & in shifts.  Some people do the whole 24 hours by themselves to win pretty sweet prizes like ski passes, but others just do it for the fun.  Also people wear their everyday garb or outrageous costumes!  This town is very into playing hard and wearing costumes whenever possible.  Michael and I took a couple of shifts for the fire department’s team, so I threw on a weird looking outfit, feather boa and went riding!  I realized 5 minutes into it, that it was just good for the soul.  The loop is an easy 2.5 miles and you take it as many times in your hour as you can, my legs were burning by the end of it!  And that was just one of the several races that have been going on here this week – Ride the Rockies, Fat Tire Bike Week and The Wildflower Rush are all going on….

This is a place all it’s own.  It’s a place where a person can be as normal as they want to be, or really nurture their inner weirdo.  All transitional moments aside, I think I might like it here.

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