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by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Like many of you, I support and contribute to many environmental organizations. Some are led by scientists, some lawyers who use our justice system to fight the degradation of the planet, some protect rivers, some oceans, others farm land, the rain forest, and still others, our perishing wildlife. I’m sure you have wondered, like me, just what could happen if they all combined forces? These dedicated groups have all made strides towards change and awareness, but what if we could bring it all together? Would the proverbial iceberg that we are pushing start to move (before it melts)?

In 2006, a small group of diverse leaders came together with the same question. The time was right and you probably felt it, too. Awareness was growing rapidly, change was a’foot and people were looking for less talk and more action. Approximately one year later, 1SKY – A Movement United, was up and running. With great efficiency, this group engaged a network of leading scientist and economists towards collaborative efforts towards creating a unified platform for transformative change. With a philosophy of, “launch by doing, and grow from the existing movement,” their non-partisan campaign is focused on raising the climate issue in the context of the 2008 elections and with the next Administration and Congress.

On May 30, Colin Beavan aka No Impact Man will visit Representative Jerrold Nadler to express to him support for a number of climate change mitigation policies that are much stronger than those currently passing through Congress. He intends to ask Representative Nadler to support the policy platform and “an effective global warming mitigation policy that is based not on what is politically possible but on what is scientifically necessary.”

This is change in action. Please read more about 1SKY Solutions today, and support No Impact Man in his efforts to get the political ball rolling this Friday. Visit this link to copy and send your letter to Representative Nadler and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, today.

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