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To Be Happy – and make CHANGE HAPPEN

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Several years ago, I received one of many phone call inquiries regarding my yoga class schedule. After a short, informational conversation, this person, whom I had never met, said he felt compelled to pass something on to me that had been shared with him at an important time in his life. Being forever curious and interested in spontaneous and mysterious opportunities, I accepted the invitation to listen. This is what he told me…

There are 8 things you need to be happy –



A loving connection to others

To contribute beyond yourself

A feeling of uniqueness

A feeling of importance

A compelling future

A personal relationship with Nature

I was, at this particular time, in the midst of making decisions about my life and future and what he told me later became a guiding force in all of it.

Although I never spoke with him again, I’ve always remembered what I learned in that call and, on occasion, have shared it with others. I now see that happiness is a large undertaking, requiring us to be wholly engaged and involved in the big picture of life – the joys and the sorrows – and to find the meaning in everything. I believe that these things will not only make us happy, but in doing so, can help us change the world.

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One Response to “To Be Happy – and make CHANGE HAPPEN”

  1. phyllis diehl Says:

    this blog to me is the most important of all your writing. its a reminder to me. is how to live a good life that is moral, fair, compassionate and just simply doing the right thing….all these points are so important to have not only a happy life but a life that makes a difference in this world. in judiasm, there is a lovely quote that we are here to “to repair the world” and i do appreciate that you mentioned love. how could there be happiness without love? thank you once again, for bringing these important points to me. it is easy to forget. thank you again for your wisdom, kindness and all that you are.

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