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Love is in the Air – the Gift of Offsetting

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

One of my friends gave me an awesome gift the other day. I was coming to visit him and mentioned that I was riding my bicycle. He grumbled, since I’m continuously speaking in eco-tongues in his presence. “This road is damn dangerous and I’d rather not have to peel you off the pavement,” he said and promised to make it up to me. The next morning I called, expecting to find him, as usual, at his favorite coffee shop, but he was at home. “What’s wrong – you sick?” “Nope,” said this reluctant enviro, “we had a deal – I skipped the drive this morning.”

Whoa. Not only was I kinda moved, but I realized that he was on to something! Maybe we could offset for the ones we love!? Are your friends flying to Paris on a honeymoon this June? Carpool to work that month in their honor. Driving to visit grandma? Bring her a set of CFLs!

Traveling to visit loved ones is a fact of our current culture and I say “sustaining” relationships is important. First, make sure those trips are about quality, not quantity and rethink those that fall under the “obligation” category only. We could also consider other meaningful ways to “be there” – arrange a strategically timed phone call during special events or send a letter that can be read aloud. Some years, my family has sent a video of a celebration that I missed.

Beyond this, there’s only one thing left to do – OFFSET!

Already trading out those love miles with a carbon offset company? Then you and your loved ones could challenge yourselves to accumulate offsets in other ways. Wanna visit the new friend you made at Green Fest? Change a bulb, ride a bike, car share, jog outdoors instead of on the treadmill, use only the cold setting on your washing machine, turn off the ice maker in your freezer – the list is endless! Once you start creating new green habits, you’ll get hooked – and then you’ll be sharing all of the LOVE and the eco-ball will be rolling!

The Changers offset mileage and other every day energy use at Terra Pass. It’s fast, easy and affordable. Go there now and share the love!

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