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Ode to the Bandana

by Jerry Stifelman, Carrboro, NC

It’s is a classic. Yet not a preppie, establishment classic. It’s an outside classic. A rebel classic. It works for Hell’s Angels, Outward Bound instructors, rock guitarist,s and earthy hipsters.

It can be called upon to be a handkerchief, a napkin, a hat, a headband, a hair tie, a pants tie, a dog leash, an SOS flag — or as an actual bandana.

Carry a bandana everywhere. You’ll never need to harm trees by using paper napkins. Great for bad hair days. You can also use it to disguise yourself or to protect your hands when sliding across a quickly rigged zip line. (All action heroes should carry a bandana.)


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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    loved the bandano article, a friend of mine made a quilt for her son, with old bandana’s. thanks for the reminder, and i love the picture of you guys. handsome and pretty!

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