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Thrift-Love, it’s not just about the clothes

Reported on, Actress, Thandie Newton, on clothes – “It is grotesque how out of control manufacturing has become, and the excess, the pollution that’s caused by it. Vintage (clothing) is not only glorious and stylish, it’s also the way forward in terms of recycling. Whenever I go into great vintage stores, I wonder why we ever buy new things.”

Some celebs walk the walk – red carpet and otherwise – and Thandie gets going green.

The Change founder, Jerry Stifelman, knows the consumer end of fashion, and he loves all aspects of thrifting, especially the new clothing and accessory swap site, At Swango, you can find quality and style for a few dollars and the price of shipping, and you don’t have to leave home. Here’s more from Jerry on the experience of thriting:

For the core thrift customer, it’s a conscious, highly valued choice. For them, the glossy sterility of The Gap or Banana Republic pales in comparison to the possibilities of used clothing. The foundation of the thrift experience is that it is AN EXPERIENCE.

These assets include:
– DESTINY. Everything at a retail store is calculated to appeal to people. There is no thrill in buying a pair of jeans that a marketing department has predicted that a half a million people including yourself will purchase. At a thrift store, if you see a sweater, or a hat that appeals to you — it’s the only one there. It has taken its own path across space and time to reach you. It’s meant to be. It’s special. It’s meaningful.

– STORY. A new t shirt comes to you from a factory where it was made alongside thousands of others. A thrift store shirt has an utterly unique story — you don’t necessarily know what the story is — but you know it’s there.

– COMMUNITY. Like anything that involves a choice that deviates from the mainstream, there is a sense of community associated with the thrift experience. You know that others feel similarly and it creates an instant connection. The exchanges between thrift store employees and customers are more intimate, relaxed and less businesslike than between typical retail employees and customers — in fact, they are more apt to be genuine conversations — not just polite exchanges.

Fashion doesn’t get any better than this.

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3 Responses to “Thrift-Love, it’s not just about the clothes”

  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    thanks jerry for writing the blog today. i love your writing and miss not seeing it. your words opened up a new door for me to peek in. i never thought of thrift shopping the way you expressed it. i think of thrift shopping as cheap stuff. thanks for opening up the window, for me and for me to see the fun and community shoping experience. thanks p.s. i know a good place for me to start my local good will place.


  2. Morgan Glover Says:

    It’s so cool to see another green blogger in North Carolina. We need more of us!

    Morgan Glover
    reporter and blogger in Greensboro

  3. tao Says:

    Hi Morgan! Thanks for visiting. I looked at – nice site and happy to know you’re out there, talking about CHANGE. Happy to share some blog love. Keep up the good work!

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