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The Razor’s Edge

by Tao Oliveto

My voice is a bit shaky today, but I’m determined to still find a way to use it to write this post.

I’m feeling stuck and baffled by the line culture has drawn, somewhere in the proverbial sand, that says something like, green is good, but talking about it isn’t. I’m frustrated by a culture that says, atta boy, keep up the good work saving our water, our air, our health and our animals – we need you out there – just please don’t tell me about it – or ask for my help. And for God’s sake, don’t preach – it’s really annoying and gets in the way of everything.

On the other hand, I’ve patiently listened to people rant and judge each other over taxes, high gas prices, being cut off in traffic or the loud music from the neighbor’s house. I’ve also listened politely while they boast about their new car, house, computer or ipod.

Yet, somehow, reacting to the ways we are all wasting our limited supplies of water, polluting energy or abusing animals and land at factory farms – is simply not acceptable. And you’d better not get too excited – in public, anyway – about that rain barrel or your reusable grocery bag…

Just today, No Impact Man wrote, “To be enviro, these days, is to be cool, ethical, caring and driven by values. And as people become aware that enviro-concerns are really human concerns, that toxins in our environment mean toxins in our bodies, and that a happier planet makes for happier people, the importance of green…is only going to increase.”

I believe this on most days. That people will begin to understand that it’s about taking care of what will all need to survive and be healthy and be willing to listen and talk to each other about Change. Not so much today – today I don’t feel so “cool” in my enviro status. I feel confused about how to walk that line between saying too much and saying too little.

The good news, as I was also reminded this morning, is that I do feel “ethical, caring and driven by values”. And I really want people to be happy and healthy.

Maybe things will be alright after all.

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3 Responses to “The Razor’s Edge”

  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    your email, sounds so “hopeless” to me. you know that the message is out there. everyday, i see more and more action about helping our world. i guess maybe your frustration is that it is not as quickly as you want. one of my fears about the world, is being cynical. and letting those words and attitutdes affect you. please open your eyes and see all the good that is happening. your words and action has motivated me and many people that i am in contact with. the synague now has a compost, everything is recycled, lightbulbs changed, farmers market delivers to the synague. wow. all this has happened in one year. you are doing well. people are more aware. i see the good. i see how your views and hopes have materialized in my life and others.

  2. Greg Says:

    For me, it’s about finding balance in life and doing what feels right and knowing that many people are lost and stressed and some are simply trying to survive. The pressures of life for some people are so great that they are not ready for change, yet. But, we need to live by example and at times, challenge other people in hopes of waking some of them up to a new way of living.

  3. tao Says:

    Thanks for the support, Phyllis and Greg. Although I can find myself despairing at times, it’s sharing like this that puts me back in the saddle! I hope people begin to understand that “waking up” is much more exhilarating than it is “painful”. You are two wonderful role models and make my day. Namaste

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