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But they can’t make us drink the kool-aide.

I saw a poster on my friendly community news bulletin board that said, “eco-friendly carriage homes”. This excited me until I read on… “Four Bedroom, Three Bath, 3000 sq. ft. custom homes convenient to Hwy 4o and 15-501“…

Look out, that elephant is about to step on your foot. No matter how you cut it – big, new, stick-built homes with two-car garages and lawns do not qualify as “eco-friendly”, despite Energy Star appliances and Leed Neighborhood Standards included in the fine print. Exalting the CAR-friendly location’s close to the HIGHWAY status is like a twist of the knife.

And what’s up with the term, “Carriage House”? Is it supposed to conjure up a facade of old-world charm? Do you feel duped? You should. Keep in mind – just because they are building doesn’t mean we have to be buying – we consumers run the show, after all.

Compare this to the latest redo just a few miles away in my town of Carrboro. Retro, one-story apartments converted to cool-looking condos – all with not much more than a fresh coat of paint, adding decks and planting new trees and bushes. It looks completely inviting. Here’s the sign announcing the opening of The Flats:

The Emperor is wearing no clothes. Let’s get on with it. I’m thirsty.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    I have followed blog for some time and finally will make a comment. I live here, in the Flats.. has a great feel, great bunch of people, yet, at times we have worked with the developers to make this a carrboro-esque environment. We are starting our community garden this week!! Nice of you to write about this.. I agree with the carriage house conundrum.

    Ps..enjoy your blog!

  2. tao Says:

    Hey, Thanks for your comment, Lisa. I’m thrilled that you are joining us on the blog. I live just down the road – andI always smile when I go by your place. Namaste for asking your developers to do more – it’s how change happens.
    I’ll stop by and visit your garden – if you recognize me from a photo, please say hi – I would love to meet you!

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