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Waterless Car Wash – for real!

This product showed up at Whole Foods Market last week and I almost squealed with joy. You see, in my naive way, I thought we could save billions of gallons of water by simply learning to love our dirty little cars. Waking up is hard to do, but I’ve seen the error of my wishful ways. For the time-being, it seems we like our cars and we like ’em clean.

Enter the environmentally safe, water-saving, super-effective and easy to use waterless car wash formula. Not a moment too soon. Just spray and wipe. If you don’t believe me, visit the websites, read the testimonials or just check in “down under” – it seems they’ve been using this similar formula there for years.

Now available in the U.S.. In fact, the clean car lover is covered coast to coast by two companies who are in it for all the right reasons. Eco Touch, based in the Northeast, was launched by James Dudra after spending a college semester abroad in drought-sick Australia while the Lucky Earth folks, Jeff and Lisa Peri, on the West Coast, set their sights on eliminating the chemicals used in conventional car washing.

Missions accomplished on both fronts. Now we just have to get it out there. Home washing wastes hundreds of gallons compared to pressurized commercial sprayers, so tell your neighbors, families and friends. Then get the word out to your full-service detailers, car dealerships and municipalities fast. And please, oh please, someone enlighten the well-meaning school-kids, raising money with hoses and buckets at parking lots all over America this Summer!

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One Response to “Waterless Car Wash – for real!”

  1. Ante Tonkovic Says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are a serious entepreneur company from Split, Croatia. We are dealing with different kind of bussiness and we would like to enlarge it on something new that does not exist in our country.

    We are very intrigued in waterless car and ship washing
    Since we have seen your product on the Net we need to know about some facts and we will be very pleased if you tell us the following:

    1. Are you interested in letting us distribute your products on the territory of the countries of former Yugoslavia. We are interested even in franshising if you do it that way?
    2. How many different products have to be used on one average car to be washed, external or internal?
    3. What is the quantity /in grams/ of every product that has to be used on one car, so we could calculate the price of washing the car?
    4. What are the prices of all your products, we are interested in small bottles and even large packages if you have it, so that we could find the most profitable product and make the price of washing as less as possible?
    5. What is an average price of washing the car in the washing service in your country?
    6. Which are the conditions of our company that have to be fulfilled to start bussiness with you?
    7. How do you make shippings and how do we make payments?
    8. Is it possible to get some samples of your products just to try them by ourselves?

    I hope we will get the answer from you very soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Ante Tonkovic, manager
    Iuventus d.o.o.

    Rudera Boskovica 6
    21000 Split

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