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Coffee, Tea & Me

Did you ever do something simple and immediately realized that you should have done it years ago? It could have been something like started exercising, took the bus to work, quit junk mail or stopped drinking too much coffee. It’s usually, in some way, good for you, good for others, or just feels right.

In my recent case, I bought an electric tea pot. I drink a lot of herbal and green tea, for both health reasons and the pleasure of holding a warm mug while I work or read. When it comes to tea, I like the good stuff and I long ago switched from tea bags to buying in bulk so that I didn’t have to make trash to get my fix. I also compost the used leaves, in case you are wondering.

It all felt pretty good, but I was turning on the stove burner at least 5 times/day to heat the water. This did not feel good. I’d heard about those electric teapots, but most that I came across were made mostly from plastic – ugh – and I felt funny about spending the money on something so gadgety.

Then the Upton Tea Imports Electric Kettle came along. I saw it while at my favorite local coffee/tea house yesterday. Stainless steel, variable temps, auto shut-off. Estimates of energy savings are around 50% of what is used to heat water on the stove. That did it. I won’t bother doing the numbers, I’m certain that for me, this pot will pay for itself ($50) in no time – both in dollars and carbon emission savings.

I can also use this pot to heat the water I use for washing dishes by hand, making my occasional french press coffee, and the pot keeps the water warm for an extended time after turned off. Like I said, I should have done this years ago!


3 Responses to “Coffee, Tea & Me”

  1. phyllis diehl Says:

    what a wonderful teapot you purchased, it serves you well, the only down side is that i wish i thought of it first, and i could of bought it for you….i would of been so happy to bring your hot cup of tea.

  2. Sami Grover Says:

    I’ve always wondered about the energy savings of electric versus stove-top kettles. Electric seems to have got way more popular back home (the UK – land of tea drinkers) in recent years, and when you think about it it makes perfect sense. Just watch the heat escaping round the sides of a kettle on a gas stove and you can see the waste.

    BTW – with an electric kettle it also makes sense to boil water used for cooking in the kettle first – that way you save energy getting the water up to heat before you cook your pasta or whatever. Two things we English know about – making tea, and boiling everything we eat.

    Thanks for this post Tracey – I know what we should be buying for the kitchen next…


  3. tao Says:

    Thanks for the vote on electric kettles, Sami. Now that I’ve been using this little wonder for several days, I’m even more convinced about the large energy savings – I can get a pot to boiling in less than 60 seconds. And, yep, I have been using it to boil water for cooking, too! I love it! Tao

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