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Cultural Shock and Awe in Hollywood

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Morgan Freeman says “Our situation, with global warming and air quality and all of that, has gotten to be catastrophic.” Yet, he also tells us he commutes 1,800 miles in his private 7-seater jet to work in movieland of CA. Nicholas Cage owns 13 homes, Tom Cruise uses and abuses a ton ‘o fuel for 4 jets, while John Travolta travels in his own 5 flying machines, including a Boeing 707 airliner.

None of this is too surprising considering the lifestyles of the in-comprehensively rich and disproportionately famous. But, the denial of reason by many celebrities rarely stops there. Attempt to fathom our own Material Girl, revealed to spend approximately $124,000/year on bottles of water for her family – Kabbalah blessed, of course. At $5/bottle That’s 24,000 bottles annually, or 65 bottles disposed of every day. Recycled or not, that’s a whole lotta plastic.

We can’t complain too much – we’ve fueled the celebrity fire. The good news is that even Hollywooders can grow up and many are joining the green ranks – in style, of course. For better or worse, they have the uncanny ability to influence large numbers of the star-struck masses in endless ways. Thank you, Adrian, Ed and Darryl (and others) who are modeling consciousness as only a movie star can.

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2 Responses to “Cultural Shock and Awe in Hollywood”

  1. Greg Says:

    Right on! Hollywood, blah blah blah! Granted, there are some Hollywood folks doing good things. Connie and I were talking the other day about stuff and our society. If everyone really began to think and live in true balance and harmony, then the economy would stumble and we would have to live together in community. If everyone lived like myself, Connie, and many of my friends, then Hollywood, pro sports, and many other aspects of life would crumble; and there would be a big decrease in the amount of doctors, lawyers and other professions because folks would be thinking and taking care of most of what needs to be taking care of in their life. The truth really does set us free!


  2. phyllis diehl Says:

    please add brad pitt, to your list of one of the good guys, i saw the work that he is doing in new orleans, new homes. ecology conscious……………beautiful, and for the many people in the 9th ward, thanks for the blog

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