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Thinking Outside the Vatican

by Tao Oliveto, Christmas Day

Speaking of holiday contemplation, The NY Times today revealed a strong message from Christmas in Rome. Pope Benedict XVI spent part of last night’s Christmas Mass on environmental concerns – going straight to the source: Us. “What would he (Bishop Gregory of Nyssa) say if he could see the state of the world today, through the abuse of energy and its selfish and reckless exploitation?”

Speaking of this “ill-treated world”, he continued, “Man is so preoccupied with himself, he has such an urgent need for all the space and all the time for his own things, that nothing remains for others – for his neighbor, for the poor, for God. And the richer men become the more they fill up all the space by themselves”

Ouch. The truth hurts.

But, It also heals, helps and lights the way to Change.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. phyllis diehl Says:

    i also, listened to the Pope, this morning, and i am glad that you used his message for your blog. this year the green movement has grown. more people i know are conserving and doing their part in fixing the world. everyone i know is doing something to help with our drought. so, please think positive, things might not be as fast as you want, but, the important things, is this is the year that people believe and are on the same page as you. that is the important thing. we are all trying to do good.

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