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by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

As promised, I’m continuing my search for joy and good cheer this week. I mulled some local raw cider from my CSA and did the same with my favorite local wine. I attended a celebratory bonfire for the Solstice and made a few new friends. I baked cookies and roasted chestnuts. I have been singing along to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas on a cd that I found at the used book store and last night, I rented the video of Irving Berlin’s, “Holiday Inn”, a musical with Fred Astaire and lots of dancing. It made me feel so gleeful that I found myself air-waltzing through my house during the final scene.

I’m ready to tone down and turn in – ward, that is. And, as if by some holiday magic, I was reading the December issue of Ode magazine and found a wonderful idea, shared by Jay Walljasper, to help me. As I settle in for a couple days of peace and quiet, I’m feeling a need for some sincere contemplation. Turning the twelve days of turtle doves and milking maids into twelve themes to explore and share with others feels equal parts comforting and challenging. I’m looking forward to setting aside some time each day to consider these questions and share them with friends as we move into the New Year. (This idea comes from Lynn Jericho, a counselor in New Jersey.)

December 25: Receptivity What gifts from the universe have you declined to accept or acknowledge?

December 26: Generosity. Think of three people and what you can give of yourself to them.

December 27: Humility. Think about how humility can become a great source of strength and power for you.

December 28: Nobility. Make a list of people from whose noble qualities you can learn.

December 29: Solidity. For 12 minutes, simply feel your soul’s solidity.

December 30: Fludity. Consider the importance of flow to your well-being and happiness.

December 31: Luminosity. Look back at your darkest moments of the last year and remember what qualities in yourself and others lit the way for you.

Jan. 1: Reflectivity. Let an image from the outer world settle in your mind and write down five thoughts you associate with it. reflect on it and how you might transform it.

Jan. 2: Equanimity. Pick a recent event and review it in light of various possible emotions like happiness, anger and fear.

Jan. 3: Fecundity. Celebrate the richness of your imagination. Hold this vision and then plan tomorrow’s activities.

Jan. 4: Sagacity. Think of yourself as an elder who has learned from the trials and triumphs of experience. What are some profound lessons?

Jan. 5: Unity. What ideas, yearnings, themes or insights have come together for you through the holidays?

Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards all. Merry Holidays. Tao

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    Beautiful! Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.

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