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The Way Of Change

By Tao

When it comes to our efforts towards and equitable, sustainable and green world, I’m more convinced than ever that we are not doing enough. Despite many well-intentioned endeavors, businesses, governments and individuals are stuck in wasteful ways that are desecrating our bodies and the planet and causing worldwide suffering to all living things. Doing more – much more – is systematically available, can change the course of history and bring meaning and integrity back into our consumer-driven lives.

What’s in our way? The misbegotten belief that the changes required in our lives can (or should be) easy, cheap and above all, convenient. This myth is perpetuated by a combination of economics, fear and laziness, causing us to miss an important opportunity. Doing the big stuff requires big change – call it sacrifice if you want to – and we’re more than capable of tapping in to our evolutionary potential as humans.

We’re ready for the truth. Read more at today’s The Washing Post. Here’s an excerpt from Going Green? Easy Doesn’t Do It by Michael Maniates, professor of environmental and political sciences:

“To stop at “easy” is to say that the best we can do is accept an uninspired politics of guilt around a parade of uncoordinated individual action. What of the power and exhilaration that comes from working with others toward bold possibilities for the future? What of present sacrifice for future gain? “


By Michael Maniates

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