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I Am Grateful

There’s a restaurant in Berkeley, CA called, Cafe Gratitude. The food is fabulously wholesome, organic, local and raw. But it was the feeling behind the food that sent me back there 10 days straight during last Summer’s visit. Before taking my order, my server asked me what I was grateful for. I casually rattled off a few things and then spent the next days preparing my answers for each visit. I came up with a long list and found out that most of what I feel grateful for today has been birthed by the “change that’s a-foot”. Here’s some of the things that showed up in my Gratitude List.

I am grateful for local and organic food from small farms.

I am grateful for rain.

I am grateful for bicycles and scooters.

I am grateful for people who are willing to do the work.

I am grateful for writers and other artists who keep us thinking and learning.

I am grateful for the activists who speak out and act for what is true.

I am grateful for hiking trails.

I am grateful for hybrid, electric and vegie-diesel transportation.

I am grateful for scientists who are finding ways to help the planet.

I am grateful for animals who love us anyway.

I am grateful for information and creativity.

I am grateful for music that moves people towards the truth.

I am grateful for yoga that makes us aware.

I am grateful for quiet holidays spent at home, without buying stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving, 2007


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  1. chelsea bay Says:

    i do miss that grateful, elated, beautiful food!
    there are many things we should think about every day as to how grateful, blessed, and honored we are to have, be a part of, or contribute to. hmm- ill will have to write down my list of things today on the plane. but the biggest of all of these for me is love:)
    love you Tao!

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