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Steiner’s Path – Back to the Future

Rudolf Steiner: A Path To Higher Knowledge, by Greg Gillette

Everyone has the potential for grasping the fruits of spiritual knowledge. Everyone has access to the answers to the mysteries of the universe, but for most folks, that kernel of spiritual knowledge lies dormant and has not yet been fully opened.
What is our ultimate purpose? What is our connection to the cosmos? What is our connection to each other? What is life like before being born into a body on Earth? And what is life like after shedding the body and entering the spiritual world? Are we truly free beings? What about free will? Reincarnation? Karma?

According to the work and life of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, these questions and many more can be known through Anthroposophy, the spiritual science developed by Dr. Steiner that unites the divine in mankind with the divine in the cosmos. Many folks know of Steiner through the Waldorf Schools or Biodynamic Agriculture, but his main objective was to show a true path to spiritual knowledge. He brought forth new directions and initiatives fused with spiritual knowledge into all aspects of society: education, arts, medicine, economics, agriculture, politics, etc. His vision and clairvoyance laid a path for new ways of thinking, feeling, willing and living.

Anthroposophy is not a new religion, but a new way of spiritual living that can be taking up by anyone of any religious background. It contains no dogma, no creed. “It is an experimental method in the sphere of the universally human, through which real, spiritual experiences can be had.” (Smit, page 49) Thousands of pages could be written about Steiner and his works, but I will keep it short and focus on Steiner’s aspect of meditation. Meditation was the source (foundation) of everything that he accomplished.

Through meditation, the higher faculties of thinking, feeling and willing will come into fruition and you will experience more balance and peace, have a better understanding of yourself and others, remain in the present moment longer, have better control of your thoughts, strive to see the positive in everything, maintain an open mind to everything, and be able to interject more of an objective way of living; the art of observing, listening and thinking, critically.

According to Steiner, thinking is the highest faculty we possess that enables us to grasp the knowledge of the higher worlds. Of course, Dr. Steiner is referring to spiritual thinking; thinking that is alive. “Thinking is the heart and blood of what distinguishes Steiner’s approach to spiritual work. The thinking that he is talking about, however, is not our ordinary thinking by which we rearrange existing (past, dead) thoughts. By thinking Steiner means “living” thinking, the dynamic process-state before thinking becomes thoughts.

Meditation means to think, ponder, reflect upon and revolve in ones’ mind. “True meditation is engagement in focused thinking, and the sense of detachment that accompanies meditation should not be an attitude of insouciance (lighthearted unconcern), but of objectivity.” (Cowen, page 87) True healing and freedom come about when we think on a higher level: in a careful, balanced and objective manner, when we experience the full gamut of our feelings and emotions while remaining objective with all that happens to us and around us.

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