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Free Will and Pronoia – the antidote

Excerpt from Pronoia Is The Antidote For Paranoia, by Rob Brezsny:

“Pronia means that even if we can’t see and don’t know, primal benefactors are plotting to emancipate us. The winds and tides are on our side. The fire and rain are scheming to steal our pain. The sun and moon know our real names, and the animals pray for us while we are dreaming.

As we stand on this brink, as we dance on this verge, we can’t let the ruling fools of the dying world sustain their curses. We have to rise up and fight their insane logic; defy, resist, and prevent their tragic magic; unleash our sacred rage and supercharge it.

It’s a perfect moment for many reasons, but especially because you and I are waking up from our sleepwalking, thumb-sucking, dumb-clucking collusion with the masters of illusion and destruction. Thanks to them, from whom the painful blessings flow, we are waking up.

As heaven and earth come together, as the dreamtime and daytime merge, we register the shockingly exhilarating fact that we are in charge of creating a brand new world. Not in some distant time or faraway place, but right here and right now.”

Rob Brezsny shares his Free Will Astrology across the globe. He has convinced me “How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You With Blessings.”

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