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Real Goods – the world is catching on

REAL GOODS has been a resource and provider of all things sustainable and green – from garden supplies to household cleaners and from bamboo socks to educational toys to light bulbs and all the way to water filter systems, solar gadgets, composting toilets – and more since 1978. They’ve been saying it for a long time and it looks like we’re finally catching on. This from President and Founder, John Schaeffer:

“I’m struck by the acceleration of change in the last 12 months. All of a sudden the environmental message has caught on and everyone and everything seeks to be “green.” What a refreshing change! Our species is finally peeking beyond the veil of denial to see that we can’t put off reducing our carbon foot-print any longer – not for a year or a decade. [It is contended that] we must reduce our CO2 emmissions 90 percent by 2030 if we are to stabilize our climate at a tolerable 2 degree C temperature rise. The good news is this is not only possible, it’s easy to tackle your own direct footprint” [with the information, resources and products now widely available.]

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired and challenged. Most of what I write about on this blog describes ways to CHANGE – our thinking, our habits, our attitudes, our perspective, what and how much we buy. The REAL GOODS catalog was like watching a good movie with a happy ending. Sure, we don’t need all of the latest and greatest green items out there – buying less stuff in general is part of the environmental equation. But, we most of them are eye-opening alternatives to things we do need and use regularly and will keep overall consumption more mindful and minimal.

I”m looking forward to the day when I can utilize the solar system and water pumps they offer, but for now, this is my order:

Bee Condo, made from reclaimed fir posts – I’ve welcomed the orchard mason bees each year, and now they have a safe residence besides the wood on my house.

Wildflower Seedballz – a simple way to spread beautiful wildflowers and promote local bee pollination. In fact, I’m ordering several of these for gifts.

Bamboo Socks – as you know, I love and depend on Maggies Organics cotton socks, but these moisture wicking bamboo socks will be great for hiking.

CFL Dimmer Bulbs – I haven’t used my overhead lights much because I couldn’t find a CFL that works in a dimmer. Well, here they are!

Plastic Bag Dryer – actually, I have this same one and I love it. I don’t collect many plastic bags anymore, but it allows me to conveniently rinse and reuse plastic wrap many times over. (I’ve made one box of wrap last a whole year!) So, I ordered another as a gift for a friend.

Laundry Soap – I’ve been using various biodegradable laundry soaps for a decade, but this Laundry soda is super concentrated – one tablespoon per load – that’s efficient packaging!

I don’t get out much (shopping, that is), but I have to admit, but this makes me giddy!

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