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I want a urinal!

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Although I’m not a full-blown feminist, I do believe that Patriarchy has kept the world from finding balance. This is a big topic that could go many places, but for now, I simply want equal time – specifically, in the bathroom – I want a urinal! Think about it – waterless urinals have been around awhile now, but they are only available to men. I would love to have a sitting version that could accommodate everyone and save tons of water.

I’ve seen just a few of the alternative flow toilets that flush with more or less water, depending on, well, you know. But this barely scratches the surface of the type of conservation practices we need now. I’m the only outhouse lover that I know, but they do make sense in public recreation areas, don’t they? I can’t stand to see traditional toilet facilities in these places since they are usually malfunctioning and filthy.

During my time living el fresco, I took easily to respectfully utilizing the great outdoors for my bathroom needs, camping style. Going back to peeing in perfectly clean drinking water suddenly felt foolish and I still avoid it at all costs (sawdust magic). A waterless urinal in homes and public places makes a lot of sense as we continue to needlessly suck our rivers and reservoirs dry. I hope that eventually composting toilets will become commonplace, but this waterless urinal could be an quick fix for now since you can use the existing plumbing system.

Entrepreneurs, pay attention! This is an opportunity waiting to be claimed! We’re only steps away and The Change would love to help you market and strategize this idea, so please contact us as soon as possible!

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  1. Sami Grover Says:

    Hei TAO,

    Check out the ‘She-pee’, which was popularived at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. Not only do you have a urinal, but you can stand up too!

    Sadly, I think the equipment used to make this work is essentially a disposable cardboard funnel – so any environmental benefit was probably wiped out in an instant. However, it seems there’s also a reusable appendage that would offer the same opportunities:

    Now even you can write your name in the snow…

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