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United in Truth – Fusion of Faiths

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I opened my latest issue of Plenty Magazine (one of the best enviro-life reads out there – please check it out!) and my little green heart went pitter-pat over some encouraging news.

Last May, religious leaders from Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions wrote and presented an “Interfaith Declaration” to Congress and the White House, calling for immediate action on climate change. It looks like, when it comes to seeing and caring for nature, everyone is (or should be) on the same page. Here’s just a small sampling of the supporting finds, beginning with my own favorite, The Tao…

Taoism – From 180 Precepts of Lord Lao:

You should not wantonly fell trees.

You should not throw poisonous substances into lakes, rivers and seas.

You should not dry up wet marshes.

You should not seal off pools and wells.

You should not light fires in the plains.

You should not fabricate poisons and keep them in vessels.

You should not disturb birds and other animals.

You should not wantonly make lakes.

Native American Spirituality – The Earth is precious. To harm the Earth is to heap contempt on its creator. – Chief Sealth

Judaism“thou shalt not destroy” – Bal Tashhit

Hindu – O Mother Earth! Sacred are your hills, snowy mountains, and deep forests. ….may no one exploit and subjugate your children. – Prithivi Sukta

Jainism – All breathing, existing, living, sentient beings should not be slain, nor treated with violence, nor abused, nor tormented, nor driven away. This is the pure, unchangeable, eternal law. – Acaranga Sutra

Wiccan – Nature itself is sacred and holy. Environmental actions are all manifestations of a reawakening spirit of reverence towards the Earth. – Vivianne Crowley

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  1. phyllis diehl Says:

    thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. it sure is a comfort to know that we are on the same page………… a teacher of young children. i always take the opportunity to enrich the chilren’s lives with the beauty of nature. and how we should care and nurture it. thanks for this blog. its a good one.

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