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Greenspace Event Follow-up

CARRBORO – The residents of 116 Old Pittsboro Road didn’t spend the last night in their rental house packing boxes.They hosted a potluck dinner, downtown parade and fashion show in a last-ditch effort to keep their vision for the residence off Greensboro Street alive.

The 10.5 acres — mostly wooded, within walking distance of downtown — could provide a community garden, a public greenway and a public amphitheater, the residents say.

The circa 1912 brick home could be a center for community and sustainability, with conferences and demonstrations of sustainable technologies.

But the Carrboro Greenspace Collective, as the renters and their supporters call themselves, has not yet found a buyer who can meet the $1.4 million asking price.

They hoped that raising awareness about the property Saturday would do that.

Waving large, colorful depictions of a butterfly, dragonfly and sun on sticks, nearly 50 people paraded to a drum beat from the rental home to dance on the Weaver Street Market lawn Saturday evening. Some wore green arm bands. Others carried banners that read “Save the Carrboro Greenspace” and “For the commons: not landlords or bureaucracy.”

Tamara Tal, a member of the collective, passed out orange information sheets. She envisions the space to be one where people can share ideas and food without the regulations that many town public properties now have.

“There has to come a time in society when we start valuing the community,” she said, “the safety community brings, and the public health having greenspace brings.”


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  1. Sami Grover Says:

    Good on ya Tracey – So sorry to have missed it, and I really have no excuse. It really is such a beautiful space. It would be a shame to see it levelled to build yet more condos.

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