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Sassy Knitwear Remakes Fashion Well

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

You haven’t seen anything in the refashion world until you’ve seen Sassy Knitwear from Minneapolis. I was wandering through the new Farmer’s Market last month, which, interestingly, is located in the very heart of Downtown, complete with sky-scraping condos, shops, restaurants and a River walk. The place was booming with local vendors, including a few chickens and a donkey on a leash. Down on the Farm meets Urbania!

My eye was caught by a large, lovingly displayed selection of clothing in one corner, separated in sections for men, women and babies. And, there they were, a man a woman and a baby, the owners and designers of this comfortable-looking, urban-yet-casual clothing and accessories business. The couple themselves looked fashionably relaxed – this really cute baby sat on Dad’s back and I couldn’t resist saying hello and browsing through their area – even though I was still adhering to my “buy nothing new pledge”.

Then I read their sign more closely and realized that these luxurious items were all made from vintage fabrics and pre-worn, remade clothing – the highest quallity and most unique styling I’ve seen yet. I dove in and immediately found something really special that was like nothing I’d seen on anyone. This purchase was a feel-good deal all around – reused, locally-made, one of a kind, keep forever experience and I had kept my pledge. Here’s me in my super-fantastic Sassy Knitwear top!

Sassy Knitwear is getting a big, stylish start for a small, family-owned company, selling weekly at this Farmers market and featured at a few local places in town. Their web site selections are growing. Check it out and read more about their mission at Sassy Knitwear.

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  2. phyllis diehl Says:

    you look so adorable….hey wait… really look hot!

  3.   Sassy Knitwear Remakes Fashion Well by Says:

    […] and a baby, the owners and designers of this comfortable-looking, … article continues at tao brought to you by FASHION and […]

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