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by Tao Oliveto, Mpls., MN
A mainstay of Minneapolis culture and community, Tao Natural and Organic Foods is a gem. As I remembered from my years spent in this ever-evolving yet forever familiar area situated between Uptown and Downtown, Tao Foods was and is a sanctuary for the new agers, health-seekers and the alt-curious. I had a favorite leisurely meal (tempeh reuben) and re-enjoyed the hangout bliss of the herb loft and reading room.

The friendly cafe and specialty retail store offers fresh juices and whole grain meals, complemented with organic and often local vegetables. They also stock specialty groceries, bodycare and supplements, including sea vegetables, raw honey, handmade soaps and kombucha. The earthy decor hadn’t changed much since my years living Uptown – lots of wood and natural light, with posters, tapestries and handmade menu boards. I could have stayed for hours (come to think of it, I did). It’s not just a place to go, but a place to Be – something we need more of everywhere.

As in many progressive cities, local, organic and vegetarian foods are slowing but steadily gaining acceptance and popularity and moving towards the mainstream. I’ve eaten this way for decades but, as a nutrition counselor, still have the opportunity to see the calming and unifying effect that conscious eating of whole foods has on the body, the mind and emotions. A little change can go a long way. See for yourself – follow the Tao of food!

For more, check out this book, The Tao of Healthy Eating.

Tao Foods, 2200 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls., MN  612-377-1857

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