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by Tao Oliveto, Minneapolis, MN
What happens when you cross a green guide with Hollywood? You get a step by step guide to saving the planet that can reach the masses and transform the greening of America from drudgery to information, inspiration and fashion. Fashion? Yep, fashion. Including thoughts and comments from celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres gives this book the trend factor that has been missing in past versions. Subheadings such as “The Family Vacation That Ate the Planet” keep the tone kid-friendly and fun. Yet, The Green Book, The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, doesn’t hold back – it covers every aspect of living in 12 chapters with sections titled, “The Big Picture”, “The Simple Steps” and “The Little Things”.

The authors come with topnotch green creds, including work with the Natural Resources Defense Council, MTV and decades of authorship on social, environmental and business issues. Combine this with a foreward interviewing renowned architect and environmental visionary, William McDonough (as well as eco-hottie, Cameron Diaz) and you have a world-changing publication that even a hardcore treehugger can love.

As the book states, it represents a mere starting point for new greens. Tips on selecting paper towels with “smaller-size sheets” or using “fewer plastic bags” seem a little watered down when we simply need to get rid of the damn things. Suggesting that we cover the swimming pool or turn off the sauna “while not in use” somehow misses an important point. I like the tip about buying organic cotton tampons, but using a Diva Cup or Keeper would eliminate this type of waste entirely.

Still, this informative and encouraging book belongs in every home and business. I happily learned a thing or two. For instance, text messaging uses less energy than sending email, you can print stamps online and using a stapler without metal staples can keep trillions of non-biodegradable waste from entering landfills.

Finishing with an extensive list of references and resources, The Green Book gives all of us a push to action – albeit a gentle one.

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  1. kevin Says:

    I’ve been seeing heated debate over systems change v. small acts. I don’t think it’s an ‘either/or.’ That said, a healthy balance matters.
    My teens benefit from starting points, something they can do as individuals today. The long term picture is improved that way because they have a chance to learn and get involved. Opportunity for action today increases the odds for involvment.

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