a boots-on-the-ground view of the change that's a-foot

by Jerry Stifelman, Minneapolis, MN


“What are you doing, Mr. Spock?! Put down that hari kari knife!”

“But Captain, it is only logical. To save the life of the planet, we must take our own lives. I have made the calculations.”

“I don’t have time for your logic or your calculations, Spock – I have aliens to attend to! I want to discover new frontiers, and explore new worlds! I want to make love to the redhead I met on Planet Micron.”

I’m with Kirk. In all our measurements about our impact on the environment, we need to include life itself. We need to save planet — and the planet needs to save us. If we screw up, the earth will miss our poetry, our rock songs, our graffiti and our endless drama of falling in and out of love with each other. The fight for the environment is a skirmish in the war for our souls — which we are suffocating in a self-induced frenzy of materialism.

It’s easy to forget the magic inherent in living on earth by the dark realizations of our impact upon it. But if we forget that, we lose the forest for the trees.

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  1. phyllis diehl Says:

    i am aware of star-treck, so, i see your point. thanks for reminding, me the importance of being alive. it is good to read your writing again. when i read your words i feel connected to the world and you.

  2. Sami Grover Says:

    Awesome Jerry!

    I’ve never quite gotten into that ever present anti-human element of environmentalism, except perhaps in my more miserable adolescent days. The earth can (probably) look after itself, it just may do so by giving us an eviction notice. To me sustainability is definitely about enlightened self interest, and prolonging the exciting, frustrating, madenning, joyous, tragic and hilarious experiment that is human existence. Thanks for reminding us of this. It’s only logical Captain.

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