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The Yoga Way For People and Planet

It’s called, “Practice”.

Yamas – Outer Observances

Ahimsa – Don’t harm yourself, others or the planet.

Satya – See what is true and tell the truth – especially to yourself.

Asteya – Don’t steal anything from others or from the earth.

Brahmacharya – Practice moderation in all things.

Aparagraha – Don’t try to possess or cling to things, people or situations.

Niyamas – Inner Observances

Saucha – Be pure and clean in heart, mind and body.

Santosh – Contentment – love what you want and want what you have.

Tapas – Use discipline – remember what you want and act accordingly.

Swadhyaya – Study the self (before studying others).

Ishvar Pranidhana – Surrender to wisdom and live with awareness.

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  1. phyllis diehl Says:

    wow, what could i say, except it reminds me of moses when he was called to G-D on mt. sinai and was given the 10 commandments…..many things to have a good life with a purpose. thanks for another mind-boggening blog.

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