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The Coolest Cool – Eco-Fridge

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

No Impact Man is going refrigerator and toilet paper free and he’s a bigger man than me! Honestly, I appreciate and admire the incentive to raise my enviro-bar – I’ve been on the wagon for years, but this site truly inspired me to go even deeper into my eco-efforts It’s true, that the more ways I find to be more sustainable, the more ways I find to be more sustainable…I love this stuff. But more on that and impact guy later.

For now, I am grateful to have refrigeration, especially since I found and purchased one of the most efficient models around. This Con-Serv refrigerator by Vestfrost of Scandinavia, really changed the energy – both the footprint kind and the feeling kind – of my kitchen by being super efficient, CFC free and really, really quiet. It’s cool looking and offers especially usable, compact space, too.

I found this super eco-fridge through Oasis Montana, an appliance company into all things renewable. Besides selling the latest in energy-efficient appliances, they offer solar and wind-powered systems and promote activism for alternative energies through their web site and newsletter. Plus, they actually answer their telephone and were really nice to talk to.

If your current refrigerator is in good working condition, consider donation. Otherwise, search for a recycling center that will accept appliances. My town, like many, provided pick up and recycling for a small fee.


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  2. christine erickson Says:


    I was just wondering how you like your fridge now that you’ve had it awhile as I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while. pros/cons, etc.



  3. tao Says:

    Thanks for checking in. I LOVE this fridge. At first it seemed small, but now I’m realizing how much “junk” I stuffed into my old standard one unnecessarily – and wastefully. I have plenty of space, even when a good part of it stores the raw frozen and fresh foods I give the animals. It is super super quiet, which is also a nice change from the old “hummers”. And, it is easy to clean – all the drawers and shelves pop right out.

    Another thing I’ve come to appreciate is that with the freezer on the bottom, no more bending over constantly while making meals.

    It’s been completely worth it. I hope you can get one – keep me posted.

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