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By Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I love art and I love clothes and here’s a green trend that combines both! Refashioned fashion marries thrift and reuse with creativity. Artists have a special talent for remaking with flair but we can all feed our inner style child through some simple reworking at home. Last Summer, I made two halter tops from second-hand fabric – they are super comfy for hot days. It was so fun and easy that I then made several personalized versions for friends.

This experience so fed my DIYness that this time I’m going to try a T-shirt redo via Megan Nicolay’s new book, “Generation-T – 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt”. (I read about this book in the May issue of Plenty Magazine.) Don’t underestimate the influence of creative ingenuity – Megan’s book was released in March 2006 and she has since toured 15 cities and appeared on Oprah. Megan “I could so make that” Nicolay published this book in the spirit of environmentalism and anti-consumerism and as a way to “bring fashion to the people.”

Refashioning is not just for thrifters. Style Will Save Us, a green-minded digital magazine, put a well-deserved spotlight on Parisian collaborative, Andrea Crews, an art and fashion collective whose designers have been establishing the true cool of reused since 2002. The movement also works to connect sustainability with art and commercial fashion, fostering social consciousness in both industries. Like all things both smart and cool, this trend is catching on quickly, with refashioned designs showing up in stores, including BTC Elements, one of my favorites in online eco-fashion shopping.

Refashioning is a way to refresh your old stuff and find your own style as well as feed your creative side. And I’m all for any efforts which bring us closer to our authentic selves. For, once we’ve realized our true selves, we can reach out to the rest of the world.

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