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Goats, Lamas, a Peacock and Thou – wedded with nature

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

One of the Changers, Sami, had a wedding celebration a few days ago. He and Jenni are tree huggers from different continents, and brought their love for each other and the earth together at Celebrity Dairy, a sustainable and local Goat Farm. This outdoor event blended simple traditions with nature and I’ve never enjoyed being at a wedding more. Here are some of the things that made their nuptials green:

They served outrageously delicious local and organic food on compostable eatware. They made decorations by hand, including wildflowers in glass jars. Guests carpooled and stayed at the bed and breakfast where the wedding was held. Many even camped on site for the entire weekend.

Sami is from England, where he hung out with a particularly committed set of green-minded folks, some who, among other things, had forsaken air travel as part of their eco-efforts. So, Sami set up a web-cam
at the wedding and his friends, in party mode themselves at home, were able to join the fun, but avoid the mega-emissions of flying overseas.

I loved being at this wedding, which included a whole lotta farm animals and a peacock who was the only one to show up the beauty of the bride!

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3 Responses to “Goats, Lamas, a Peacock and Thou – wedded with nature”

  1. Chelsea Bay Says:

    This sounds like an amazing and happy green event full of love! Wish i could have been there Sami- congrats!

  2. Sami Grover Says:

    Thanks Chelsea! It was a blast, and you were missed. Oh well, we’ll raise a glass next time you’re in town – I’m always happy for an excuse.

    For another view of the wedding, check out:

    huge hugs. xxxx

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