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Here Today, Shower Tomorrow

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Water conservation runs deep for me – I come from the state of 10,000 lakes, so I’m particularly fond of the stuff. Aside from that, there’s no life without it and since there’s no ethanol or nuclear alternative to it, running out is not an option. I’m into all ways of conserving in our daily lives and Changer, Sami Grover’s post on TreeHugger washes them all away – please check this out!

As you may guess, Navy showers are old news for me. Get wet, turn water off, suds up, then rinse. A few minutes and a few gallons later, you’re done! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – you’ll save on soap, get cleaner faster and probably lower your water bill. By the way, any hair stylist will tell you that shampooing your hair everyday is old school and your locks will love you for washing them less.

I became even more intrigued by water-saving ideas while serving on my city’s Water Conservation Task Force a few years ago. Being privy to lots of facts and figures regarding residential, community and corporate water use, I was shocked by how much water is wasted regularly and knowingly by all 3 sectors. When we reached a stage of mandatory water restrictions, many people were fined for washing cars or watering lawns in hiding!

It seems we need a serious attitude adjustment when it comes to water use! Maybe it’s me, but I’d rather have clean water to drink than a green lawn (or any lawn, for that matter) or a clean car any day (my Prius Hybrid has never been washed). Of course, anything that is seemingly in endless supply becomes devalued. It’s time for a reality check – one that can bring a consciousness and appreciation of our natural resources into daily living.

There are at least 100 ways to conserve water in and outside your home or business. Water – Use it Wisely is a national campaign that gives you all the details. Take a look and then “pass the hat”!

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