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bamboo shirtby Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I love shopping at thrift and vintage stores for eco-conscious reasons and for fun. But, if I do buy new, I make sure I’m buying Fair Trade, organic and/or sustainable products. I found all of these things at Bamboosa, a privately-owned company designing and manufacturing clothing locally from bamboo for men, women and babies. If you haven’t yet seen or touched clothing made from bamboo, please find a way to do so! Not only is the fabric soft and silky (bamboo – who knew?) but it’s also one of the most sustainable resources available. It’s a great wear – durable and naturally antibacterial – go ahead, sweat in it! Bamboo is one of the grooviest renewable resources going and you can make almost anything from it, from bicycles to toilet seats to underwear.

Speaking of groovy stuff that is good for the planet and you, don’t forget about hemp – it’s not just for hippies anymore and it’s pretty darn hip in the green department as well . I’ve found everything from shirts, skirts, scarves, hats, belts and socks to bags and jewelry. My most awesome find was a shower curtain made from hemp. No liner required – antibacterial, remember? Visit one of the many hemp dealers in your neighborhood or online.

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