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by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I know now that there is a god-dess and she hoops! Hooping is showing up all over, but here in my small town, it became more than just free fun when a benefit-event raised money for good and brought out the hip-swivel in all of us. Julia Hartsell, our local hooping queen and expert created Hoops for Haiti, an effort joined with Family Health Ministries to bring both medical care and a smile to children living in hardship.

Last night’s event proved that you can give anyone of any age a hoop and some music and the rest just happens. A beginning, but greatly inspired hooper myself, I couldn’t put the thing down. Anyone can master the basics of hooping easily, but be ready to be amazed at what’s possible (or seemingly impossible) to do with a hoop. A grand finale after sunset included fire-hoop-dancing, something you have to see to believe and will never forget.

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